Best chaise lounge


Which chaise lounge is best?

Chaise lounges are for relaxation. A unique hybrid of a chair and a sofa, chaise lounges feature extra-long seats to support your legs and tilted backs that permanently recline. They’re great for taking naps, curling up with a book or getting work done on a laptop.

If you’re looking for a comfortable chaise lounge, there are many factors to consider. Our top pick, the Klaussner Furniture Comfy Chaise, comes in over 50 colors and is an attractive addition to any room. Here’s how to pick the perfect chaise lounge for you.

What to know before you buy a chaise lounge


Because of their extra-long seats and tilted backs, chaise lounges can take up a lot of additional space. Measure the area where you think your chaise lounge will go, and be realistic about much room you’ll need to get in and out. Chaise lounges are typically between 73 and 80 inches long, 35 to 40 inches tall and 25 to 30 inches wide.

Many potential buyers are conscious of length but forget about width. Chaise lounges vary by width, so if you’re planning to sit with your small child or large dog, plan accordingly.


When many people think of chaise lounges, they think of old Victorian fainting couches. These are chaise lounges with tufted upholstery and an ornately carved backrest extended along one side. This style is still trendy today, especially for libraries or home offices. They have a classic look and feel.

Chaise lounges are also available in modern designs, both ornate and minimalist. Some are statement pieces that will immediately become the focus of the room. Others blend into the background until they’re needed. Think about the look you want to achieve to better narrow your search.

Outdoor vs. indoor

Outdoor chaise lounges liven up a front porch or a back deck. They encourage you to spend more time in the open air by giving you a comfy place to unwind. They’re a great alternative to hard plastic patio furniture. If you’ve got a pool in your backyard, look for chaise lounges made of water-resistant materials.

You can move an outdoor chaise lounge indoors, but it may look out of place in some decors. However, you should not move an indoor chaise lounge outdoors. The weather will damage the construction and fabric.

What to look for in a quality chaise lounge


There’s no substitute for going to the furniture store and sitting down on everything they’ve got in stock to get a feel for what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. If you’re shopping online, look through customer reviews to get a sense of the cushioning. Search for any reviews that mention how the padding holds up over time.

Most chaise lounges have thick cushioning. Some even have springs underneath to increase comfort and distribute weight. Tufted cushioning is also a wise choice. Those extra buttons will prevent the stuffing inside from bunching or shifting.


Outdoor chaise lounge frames typically use wicker or high-density polyethylene. Wicker frames are elegant and traditional, but they’re not the most durable and can be challenging to repair. HDPE frames are super sturdy and keep their shape, but the wrong design can look cheap or uninviting.

Indoor chaise lounge frames typically use wood or metal. Wood has a timeless look, while metal adds a modern touch. Softwood and aluminum frames will cost less but are also less durable. Hardwood and steel frames are more expensive but will last longer.


Some chaise lounges are adjustable. You can raise or lower the back to achieve your perfect recline. Others feature accent pillows or internal lumbar support. Pricier models can come with all sorts of extras like massaging, vibrating, or heating.

Don’t forget about support for your arms. Some chaise lounges have no armrests, while others have two or just one. You may find it difficult to read or type without an armrest. Also, consider whether you can easily get up and down from the chair without an armrest’s support. This is especially important to consider for chaise lounges that are low to the ground.

Post time: Aug-22-2022